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Our Facility

Easy Access Facilities

Our spacious facilities are well lit, fully fenced and gated. All facilities are paved and cleared of snow and ice during the winter to ensure easy access year-round. We have extended gate access hours in order to give you the greatest ease in storing and retrieving your property. We also provide platform trucks, furniture cars and hand trucks to make your move as easy and streamlined as possible.

State of the Art Security

At Castle Rock Fairbanks Self Storage, we offer state of the art security to ensure the safety of your valuables. Our fully fenced and gated facility has electronic keypad access, and there is an intercom running through the whole complex that connects to our on-site manager. All facilities have security cameras which record at all time and are monitored in the office by the on-site manager. In heated facilities, there are motion sensors to detect any possible intrusions. At Castle Rock Self Storage, we make every effort to ensure that your property is as secure as possible.

Payment and Insurance

Castle Rock Self Storage requires no security or move-in deposit, so there are no hidden fees and you save money. We accept cash, checks and credit cards in order to make payment as easy as possible for you. We also offer tenant insurance at reasonable rates. We also offer auto-pay. You can put a credit card on file with us and we'll automatically run it on the due date.

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