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Moving Truck Rental

At Castle Rock Self Storage, we offer the best price in town on Fairbanks moving truck rental. You can lease a truck daily or weekly, whichever is more convenient for your schedule. Our moving truck rental is less expensive than other Fairbanks self storage companies. Our trucks are specifically built to make moving easy for anyone from a do-it-yourself mover to a professional. Truck decks are built close to the ground for easy loading, with wide, sturdy loading ramps. All trucks have solid side walls with plenty of tie downs, smooth wood decks, 7 feet of head room and a lockable, rear roll-up door. All of our trucks are clean, comfortable, dependable and ready to go, and we can even have them warm for you to make winter moves easier. We also offer blankets, hand dollies, platform, hand trucks and furniture carts free of charge to make your move as easy as possible.

Moving & Packing Supplies

Castle Rock Self Storage offers a full range of packing and moving supplies, including boxes and pads in our Fairbanks moving supply retail store. Castle Rock heavy duty boxes are not the thin, cheap boxes that many other suppliers carry, but rather they are strong, conveniently sized and durable. We also sell many types of packing tape, from extra strong clear packing tape to tough, reinforced tape in single rolls or in bulk, with or without dispensers. We also have furniture covers, mattress bags, blankets, bubble wrap, glassware dividers and rope.